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Are You The One Helping Her Build Fortune ? | Rubans Accessories | Startup Story | Checkout Here Now

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Rubans Accessories Founder - Chinu Kala

Today we are sharing the story of Chinu Kala a successful entrepreneur, who didn’t went to IIM, don’t have a master degree and even not basic education, still built her fortune from scratch, went through various hardships and now clocking a revenue of more than 15 crores.

The Founder and CEO of Rubans Accessories, Chinu Kala says, “If you want to be successful you must have to give the exam called ‘koshish’ (trying)”.

Chinu Kala grown up in Mumbai, India, had a family of Mom, Dad, Brother and Sisters. Mom was working in abroad, so raised up by Dad only. One day, she ended up having heated arguments with her dad and left home with two dresses and nearly saved 300 bucks without thinking where she would live and who would feed her.

Until the evening she went to the Bombay Central Railway Station, eaten a ‘Vadapav’ of Rs.3 and like the other people living on railway station kept her bag under the head and had a rest but didn’t slept whole night thinking, how much days will I survive on this Rs. 300 and what, this money over and my life too ?

By morning she was crying over there didn’t knew what to do next. An aunt came towards and enquired what’s wrong with her. After listening to her that women offered her a job of door-to-selling. The next day she went to the office of that women, got more information about the job and thought it was simple. In those two days she had managed her living in a dormitory. She says at that time, “Nothing was more important than being alive”.

The next day she picked her bag and went to make the first sale of her life. Knocked the first house, a lady opened and quickly slammed the door by seeing those material in her hands. For sometime, she was shocked, not felt that much bad when she left the home. “This was her first encounter with the real world”, she says. She didn’t had time to being upset and can’t think of giving up, went to the next door and made her first sale. Turning back, thinks that it was very small achievement of her life. Whenever she gets upset she reminds that incident.

She says, “Hunger gives the strength to do anything. That day life had taught me a very important lesson – you will get opportunities, and circumstances along with it for sure. A work which gives you food and shelter is never small.”

She performed various jobs like waitress, tele-caller and every small and big works she got and learnt many things which helps her growing Rubans. She didn’t had a second option which only made her different from her peers. Then she got a job in clothing shop due to her sale skills and learnt Customer Behavior practically which people studies in big Business Schools.

Age passing jobs kept changing the definition of success for her, initially just getting a meal thrice a day was success. Getting a salwar-kurti, shoes, small luxuries and shifting from dormitory to a PG was a success for Chinu. As the time passed the desire for success was getting swollen.

After few years, she got married and got an opportunity to participate in Gladrax Mrs. India. That was the first step of learning and knowing about fashion jewellery for her. She amazed that how a small jewel can change the entire look of a women. She made in-depth research on jewellery business and found a void, that no one was offering extra ordinary styles of jewellery and decided to launch Rubans Accessories.

Rubans started with a 6*6 sq. ft. shop in the Phoenix mall of Bangalore, India and the investment of Rs. 3 Lacs. Were doing very well but Chinu wasn’t ready to settle over there. She decided to open a second big shop in Forum Mall of Bangalore. Getting a place in Forum Mall was a difficult task. Even largest brands have to wait for at least 2 years. She was contacting the manager every way she can then it be mailing, calling, references, etc. but wasn’t getting any response. Finally she called the manager and invited them to visit their existing shop and decide whether to give a place or not. Fortunately, the manager agreed to visit their shop. Chinu impressed them by the variety of the collections of her shop and at last manager offered her a place in their mall. This was the changing point for Rubans.

She says, “If you believe in something you’ll go to any length to make it happen. To be an achiever you have to be believer first.”

Chinu struggled hard and visit the Forum Mall every morning with a book and researched on consumer behaviour before opening the store. On the opening day of Rubans Accessories store in Forum Mall, Chinu and her team ended up with a sale of Rs. 150,000. “That was truly amazing feeling”, she adds.

Rubans was growing and it was serving the local customers in their physical stores. As the world was seemly shifting towards digital, Rubans realized physical store has limitations. They were keen to serve the customers all over the world. In that way they launched a website www.rubans.in and a store on Myntra as well. It makes her happy that, every 21 second a women somewhere buys her jewellery.

She says, “What people see me today is a successful entrepreneur but not the hardships I gone through”. One day she got a phone call and was told, her office was on fire, which totally ruined her from top to bottom. She went at that place and seen, the fortune she had built was turned into black ashes. She experienced the same feeling, when that lady had slammed the door on her face during her first job and reminded how that incidence gave her confidence and the strength to deal with rejection. Most importantly, keep going when the odds are against you, she adds. From the next day she and her entire team hustled up to get the business back. Finally after three months of struggle they got back on track.

She adds, “Everything I am today, started with small job – small successes – big risks – and even bigger challenges and difficulties. What remained constant was hard work, self-belief and hunger to succeed. Personal belief is, work like there is no plan B or no fall back plan then only you will give out your 200% and everything to be successful and this determination will never let you fail.”

This is a startup story of Rubans Accessories and Chinu Kala. If you liked it, and found inspiring do let us know in the comments section.