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Tata Power - Complete Stock Analysis | What's Next Target ? Bullish or Bearish ? What Experts Say ?

Tata Power - Complete Stock Analysis
Tata Power


Tata Power Ltd is an Indian Electric Utility Company and a part of Tata Group. Core business of Tata Power is to generate, transmit and distribute electricity. Tata Power has the power generation capacity of 12,742 Mega Watts (MW) along with its subsidiaries and joint entities from which 30% comes from clean energy sources.

In 1910, the company started as a Tata Hydroelectric Power Supply Company in India. After 5 years from its establishment, in 1915 it successfully setup India’s second Hydro-electric project at Khopoli, Maharashtra with a power generation capacity of 72 Mega Watts. After a year, in 1916, the company partnered with Andhra Valley Power Supply Company and in 1919 setup 75 Mega Watts Power Plant at Bhivpuri, Maharashtra. Later in 1922 they finished setting up 300 Mega Watts Power Plant at Bhira, Maharashtra.

Tata Power uses four different methods of generating power as Thermal, Hydro, Wind and Solar energies and is not dependent on any single source. Along with India, it holds a strong global reach by having presence in different countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore, Cyprus, Indonesia, South Africa, Bhutan, etc.

Today the company is a midcap company with a market cap of 28,758 crores.




India's power sector is forecasted to attract investments worth $128.24-135.37 bn between FY19-23. By 2026-27, all India power generation installed capacity will be nearly 620 GW, 38% of which will be from coal and 44% from renewable energy.

Tata Group is focusing on building electric vehicles for the country and setting up electric charging stations. Until, they have successfully setup 400 charging stations in 40 cities of India.

Threats – Based on Quarter on Quarter (QoQ) Results

Financial Highlights of Last Years


  • Promoters

Nataranjan Chandrasekaran – Non-Executive Director & Chairman


  • MD & CEO

Dr. Praveer Sinha serves as the MD & CEO of Tata Power with an experience of 30 years in Power Sector.

  • Directors

Directors of the company includes experienced names as Anjali Bansal, Vibha Padalkar and Sanjay Bhandarkar.

Shareholding Pattern

Tata Power - Shareholding Pattern
Tata Power - Shareholding Pattern

Returns on Share

52 Week Higher Level: 114.50 INR

52 Week Lower Level: 27.00 INR


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